PARDON MY FRESH was built on the idea that FRESH is not only defined by what you wear but also by what you do.  The pursuit of creative excellence; the discipline necessary to achieve greatness; the intelligence, heart & mental toughness embedded within a true hustler - these are the attributes that make a person FRESH.  Taste is subjective, FRESH is not.

Established in 2008 by entrepreneur, DJ and music producer Aaron Omar Baker, PMF was initially a blog that highlighted the cool things that AO came across outside & on the internet and shared with a group of friends and peers.  Over the years, the brand included forays into the music industry and podcast world. 

Today, PARDON MY FRESH serves as the uniform for the the hustlers with branded merchandise like the classic logo snapback hat.  PMF also provides fuel for the creators with quality sourced coffee such as AO’s current favorite flavor - Ethiopian Natural.  PARDON MY FRESH RADIO is a podcast based on Aaron’s conversations with other friends & peers in music & business about their projects as well as direct-to-audience episodes about current events and culture.

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